Need a lawyer?

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In court?

Driving matter?

Need expert legal advice?

Contact Oliver Lewis, experienced criminal lawyer, London and UK.

Oliver Lewis

Oliver Lewis

Lawyer specialising in criminal defence cases.

  • Higher court advocate.
  • Magistrates and Police stations
  • Writer and campaigner on legal issues.
  • Wide ranging experience representing defendants such as children, the mentally ill or drug addicts who lack the skills and the voice properly to present their own case in the judicial system.
  • Expertise covers most areas of criminal defence.
  • Headed teams of lawyers acting for clients during complex police investigations.
  • These include trials for murder, rape and fraud, some involving civil liberties issues.
  • Providing high quality legal advice.
  • Sensitive to the needs of clients who are often in difficult and stressful situations.



Mobile: 07973 676 190

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